About Rod Donovan:

I am a designer and maker of custom furniture. I enjoy the craftsmanship and process of designing and building bespoke items for large and small customers.

After a decade of IT consulting, I went back to school for the Furniture Design and Woodworking Program at the Rochester Institute of Technology School for American Crafts. I also received a BS in Business & Marketing from RIT in the early 90’s. I am an artist and a craftsman. I can create what you want. I can make your life better.


About Donovan Furniture Studio:

Beautiful Designs

Donovan Furniture Studio will work with you to draft the exact piece you are looking for that will suit your desires and needs. A side table for your divan does not have to be square. A writing table should fit your ink wells. A chest of drawers should fit the items that you want to enclose. That sort of thing. Or you can shop from our gallery and request a project that has already been made as well as making some tweaks to that design in the process, like different woods or sizing.

The Finest Woods Available

We can source lumber from many global partners. We do try to avoid the truly exotic as they are most likely endangered and you, the customer, will look like an ass while asking for the last timber of a dead species.

Regular Progress Updates

You will be constantly updated with pictures and status of your project from milling through finishing.

Lifetime Guarantee

While I'm alive &/or DFS is in business, if something breaks due to an issue with construction, it will be corrected.

Cost Effective

Our ultimate goal is to offer you a product that you will cherish, brag to your friends about and be proud to pass along to others. That being said, DFS is not cheap because quality and time cost money. We employ as many hand tools as possible during the process and try to only rely on machines for the larger tasks like milling. Dovetail joinery will always be done by hand in the traditional ways because it’s just plain cool.

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